Acupuncture For Period Pain and PMS

Acupuncture and herbal therapy are effective to regulate menstruation and relieve PMS and dysmenorrhea. These treatments have analgesic effects to relieve pain, anti-inflammatory effects to reduce swelling and inflammation, and antispasmodic effects to relieve cramping.

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Dysmenorrhea is uterine pain associated with menses, starting one to three days before the menses, peaks 24 hours after the menses, and subsides after two to three days.

Dysmenorrhea may be primary or secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea is more common, is not associated with structural disorder, and is characterised by pain resulting from uterine contractions and ischemia mediated by prostaglandins and other inflammatory mediators. Secondary dysmenorrhea is less common, and is usually caused by pelvic abnormalities, such as endometriosis, fibroids, and uterine adenomyosis.

Dysmenorrhea is a condition that almost all women suffer on an occasional basis. As common as these conditions are, there are few drug treatments available. On one hand, there are over-the-counter (OTC) drugs such as Midol and Motrin (ibuprofen) that reduce swelling and inflammation. These drugs treat the symptoms, and do not regulate menstruation or change the long-term prognosis of the condition. Those who have dysmenorrhea are likely to have the same conditions on a monthly basis when treated with only these OTC drugs. On the other hand, there are prescription drugs such as birth control pills or patches that regulate menstrual cycles. Though they are more effective, they often cause serious side effects, such as weight gain, hyperkalemia, clotting disorders, retinal thrombosis, cancer, liver damage, hypertriglyceridemia, hypertension, bleeding, and fertility impairment. In short, drug treatment options are limited between those that treat only symptoms and do not work well, and those that work well but may have significant side effects.

        Acupuncture and herbal therapy on the other hand are effective to regulate menstruation and relieve PMS and dysmenorrhea. These treatments and herbs have analgesic effects to relieve pain, anti-inflammatory effects to reduce swelling and inflammation, and antispasmodic effects to relieve cramping. Furthermore, many herbs have been shown to have a marked effect to regulate hormones to promote normal menstruation. However, this effect requires continuous use of herbs for at least one to two cycles. Herbal medicine and acupuncture therapy are beneficial for treatment of menstrual disorders, as it treats both the symptoms and the cause of PMS and dysmenorrhea.

        In conclusion, drugs may offer limited options for the treatment of dysmenorrhea. OTC drugs are ineffective and do not have lasting effects. Birth control pills are effective, but these drugs carry significant short- and long-term side effects. Acupuncture and herbal medicine, on the other hand, are effective for both immediate and long term benefits. Furthermore, they are natural and associated with few or no side effects. It would be beneficial for individuals with menstrual disorders explore these non-drug treatment options.

Acupuncture for Period Pain - Gentle And Natural

Relieve From Pain

Balancing endocrine activities to female hormones and ease common symptoms associated with Dysmenorrhea, acupuncture and Chinese herbs to relieve cramping. 

Feel Relaxed Every Month

The treatment protocol is to promote anti-inflammatory action to reduce swelling and inflammation, and  invigorate blood circulation by acupuncture and herbal medicine for pain relief.

Stop Cramping

By acupuncture with gentle electro-stimulation , to promote blood supply, nutrition and oxygen, vasomotor effects to relax uterus smooth muscles from spastic contraction.

Sleep Better

Our approaches incorporate herbal formulas for systemic treatment to promote hormonal balancing, naturally sedate nerve system function to relieve restless sleep from the pain.

No More Grumpy

Treatments by acupuncture have antidepressant action to settle the emotions and stabilise moods so you will feel calmer and relaxed with less mood swing emotional, instability and irritability.

Happier Life

Say bye-bye to period pain, emotional irritability, restless sleep, crying spells; Say hello to the new you without suffering monthly pain and enjoy your sunny life. 

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