Our Services

Our highly experienced Chinese doctors provide professional  Chinese medical service, we are committed to look after your comprehensive  health in the natural way.
The services we provide are: Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine combined with western medical methods to treat the  disorders of:
General Medicine: Depression, Anxiety or Stress,  Headaches, Migraine, Pain Management, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Hay fever,  Sinusitis etc.
Gynecological: Infertility or IVF Assistance, PMS,  Menopausal Syndrome etc.
Cosmetological Acupuncture & Herbal  Medicine: Facial Rejuvenation or Face Lift (Cosmetic) etc.
Addiction Cessation: Smocking or Drugs Addiction etc.
Functional  Rehabilitation of post Sports Injury: Strains, Sprains etc.
Stress  or Bad Sleep Knees or Joints pain Hayfever or Sinusitis Menopause or  PMS Infertility or PID Head or Migraine Strains or Sprains Weight or On Diet
Herbal Medicine – dating back to ancient times, the  use of herbal medicines have assisted people in treating a variety of illnesses.  Our experienced practitioners are highly trained in the safe use of herbs to  support your body’s ability to maintain or regain health. Click here to learn  more. Chinese Herbal Consultation: $40. Other Herbal Therapies available; fees  vary according to client’s needs.
Acupuncture – involves the use of  fine, sterilized, disposable needles inserted along the meridians of the body.  Uniquely soothing and invigorating, acupuncture combines ancient wisdom with  modern innovation to promote the body’s natural capacity for healing, and to  release patterns of pain and dysfunction. Click here to learn more. First  treatment: 30- 45 min – $60/session; Subsequent treatment: 30 – 45 min –  $50/session.
Tui Na (Chinese Massage or Therapeutic Massage) – combines  smooth pressure and movement to the acupuncture points and meridians of the body  to promote healthy circulation, relieve tension, and harmonize the body’s  energetic systems. Both relaxing and energizing, therapeutic massage  incorporates long flowing strokes as well as more focused pressure in areas of  tightness to improve circulation, release tension from the body and decrease  pain and stiffness.Sometimes combined with  acupuncture.

QUALIFICATION DETAILS Bachelor of  Medicine (Acupuncture), Master of Business Management, JP Registered  Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Fellow AACMA 1779,  CMR0001718961