IVF Acupuncture - How Can We Help

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are widely used in conjunction with IVF to improve success rate. These time honoured wisdom are offering benefits together with modern fertility technologies such as IVF, IUI for better success found by clinical trials.

"As soon as we notice that certain types of events 'like' to cluster together at certain times, we begin to understand the Chinese, whose theories of medicine, philosophy, and even building are based on a 'science' of meaningful coincidences." - Marie-Louise von Franz

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IVF Acupuncture - How Can We Help

IVF - We Can Help

Start with IVF planning and assistance by acupuncture and Chinese medcine, timing is critical, we work with your IVF schedule to form treatment plan for your IVF preparation.

New Horizons

IVF Preparation - Preparing for well nourished eggs in a balanced hormonal environment therefore more responsive to stimulation by FSH from fertility centre.

Reach New Heights

By acupuncture with gentle electro-stimulation , to promote blood supply, nutrition and oxygen to the follicles improving potential to fertilise and create embryos.

Working Internally

By Chinese medicine, our approaches incorporate herbal formulas for systemic treatment to promote hormonal balancing, uterus priming and lining and ovaries tonic.

Boosting on Transfer

As a golden protocol, two sessions of acupuncture are delivered before and after your transfer within two hours to boost up your reproductive system on the transfer day.

First Trimester Care

Post-transfer care is required for women has history of miscarriage to maintain reproductive system at optimised level, achieve positive result and miscarriage prevention.

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Time Honoured Modalities We Use

– Multi-modalities of natural therapies are used



The innovative laser needle for acupuncture, therapy of deep tissue layers and laser blood irradiation (non-invasive)

city acupuncture for cancer support and pain relief


Traditional disposable fine needles used to insert into acupuncture points delivering stimulation to meridians to treat disorders.

Chinese medicinal food and dietary

Chinese Medicine

Easy taking cGMP granulated Chinese herbal medicine is used for treating disorders systemically together with acupuncture.

Adelaide City Acupuncture Massage Therapies

Tui-Na Massage

Chinese style remedial massage for muscular stiffness, pain and internal disorders being used in conjunction with acupuncture.

Chinese medicinal food and dietary

Chinese Nutrition

Balanced nutritions with good eating and life style modification are critical for recovery from illness.

Traditional Chinese medicine style fire cupping

Fire Cupping

We use traditional fire cupping in treating muscular pain, sports injuries and skin disorders.

Gua-Sha therapy for skin detoxification

Gwa Sha

Clearing toxin through gentle scoop sliding on the skin create light bruising to treat various disorders.

Tai Chi and health cultivation

Tai Chi / Qi Gong

Tai Chi for health cultivation being used in our clinic and taught to our patients for their self practice.

The Most Natural Yet Powerful Way to assist your IVF

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