Health Cultivation

Health cultivation is a new area of medicine, it is integrated holistic medicine, a new expanding system of medicine where well educated people, doctors and physicians are stepping forward in a unified way to explain the good science and the good medicine of strengthening our bodies immune and endocrine systems and providing for our bodies optimum physiological needs.

Health cultivation is caring for the health of every person and not just those that have a disease. It is about caring for all of our healths and working out what exactly our human form actually needs and proving it with it, because it helps and makes sense to do so. It’s not actually rocket science. It is tending for the soil which is the garden that nourishes us, like nature, rocket fuelling our the roots and trunks and branches and leaves and flowers and fruits and pollination and preproduction, an substantiating our core human physiology tending carefully for it.

So we don’t focus on treating patients, we focus on making people as healthy as is humanly possible in the good faith that supporting the full spectrum of physical considerations that could be intelligently implemented it, seems good common sense to just do so.

Treating people’s health by integrated holistic medicine cultivates restorative function. The body knows how to heal itself if you nourish and cleanse and strengthen it. It is natural and we can grow healthy again out of a rich clean physical foundation. Building health into a body makes it strong and function well.

For millennia the adherents of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have been developing ways for people to nurture their overall well being and increase longevity. The methods and outlook which they devised was formed into a branch of practice known as Yang Sheng, or Life Cultivation. Yang Sheng is the result of thousands of years of patient observation of the general outcomes of various different lifestyles, with the intention of devising a way of existence that increases both life quality and quantity. Its practice is centered around creating a continuously engaged way of life that takes all factors of the human experience into account.

• Modern people suffer from an excess of toxins within the body
• Toxins in the body are brought about by living an unbalanced life and cause serious harm to the organs and different bodily systems
• Detoxifying the body to promote better health and balance is of great importance to modern people

Traditional Chinese Medicine signifies three different sources of energy that keeps us alive: The air we breathe (qi), the food we eat and the inherited Jing essence we were born with. Jing is “life energy” that we got a limited amount from our parents when we were born. Jing is the main power to help us grow up, develop and get strong. We can take care of this energy and promote our health and well being by Yang Sheng.