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Four Reasons to Give Acupuncture a Try

Ever wondered about acupuncture but were too uncertain to try it out? Acupuncture has in the past been discounted by western medicine as a sham or as having a placebo effect on patients but there’s a lot of research consistently proving acupuncture to be an effective, safe and natural way to treat many problems that […]

Laser acupuncture eases depression

Eight weeks of ‘laser acupuncture’ can ease depression in adults, a small Australian trial finds. The therapy, which uses low-intensity infra-red beams in place of needles, led to significant reductions in scores on two depression scales, above and beyond that seen with placebo acupuncture. Eighty per cent of patients had a clinical response to laser […]


High-dose fish oil good for arthritis

High-dose fish oil could be a beneficial addition to conventional medications in recent-onset rheumatoid arthritis, Australian research suggests. A randomised trial found success rates of first-line triple drug therapy were boosted by adding daily high-dose fish oil. Patients also achieved remission faster when taking adjunctive high-dose fish oil, compared with a control group given a […]


GPs say no to homeopathy

Homeopathy has “fallen out of favour” among GPs over the past decade, a survey finds. The UK study shows homeopathy is no longer GPs’ most commonly used complementary and alternative medicine, having been overtaken by acupuncture as the alternative of choice. In 1999, 18% of GPs reported regularly using a CAM to treat patients, the […]


Ecidence back acupuncture

The evidence backing acupuncture continues to grow, with a general practice study showing the treatment to be highly effective in treating chronic headache. Twelve sessions of acupuncture over three months led to a 34% reduction in headache severity at one year compared with a 16% reduction in patients given standard care, accord ing to results […]