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Acupuncture for treatment of arthralgia secondary to aromatase inhibitor therapy in women with early breast cancer: pilot study

Background Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are recommended as adjuvant hormone treatment for postmenopausal women with early breast cancer. A substantial proportion of women taking AIs experience joint pain and stiffness. Studies have suggested that acupuncture may be effective in treating joint pain. Objective A pilot study was conducted to evaluate the feasibility, safety and efficacy of […]

Lateralisation of cerebral response to active acupuncture in patients with unilateral ischaemic stroke: an fMRI study

Objective Acupuncture is beneficial in treating stroke neuropsychiatric symptoms. The present study aimed to identify functional brain response to active acupuncture in patients with unilateral ischaemic stroke using functional MRI (fMRI). Methods A total of 10 patients aged 47–65 years with left hemispheric ischaemic stroke received single-session manual acupuncture at the TE5 point of the affected […]

Acupuncture in preventing postoperative anaesthesia-related sore throat: a comparison with no acupuncture

Background Postoperative sore throat occurs frequently in surgical patients as a result of tracheal intubation. Despite advances in medical and anaesthetic care, the incidence of postoperative sore throat remains high. Our study aimed to assess the efficacy of acupuncture in the prevention of postoperative sore throat following general anaesthesia. Methods A non-randomised clinical study (NRS) […]

Seeing the body: a new mechanism for acupuncture analgesia?

Anthony Campbell Correspondence to Dr Anthony Campbell, 8 Oak Way, London N14 5NN, UK; ac{at}acampbell.org.uk Received 18 March 2013 Accepted 10 June 2013 Published Online First 29 June 2013 The use of visual illusions to study how the brain gives rise to a representation of the body has produced surprising results, particularly in relation to […]