“Lingering diseases are still curable, those whose regard such diseases as incurable have not actually mastered the skills.” – Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine

Adelaide City Acupuncture Pain Clinic has been helping our patients for over fifteen years. We are routinely seeing a hundred to hundred twenty patients a week and have been doing this for over 15 years. We only do Chinese medicine, not naturopathy nor chiropractic, we only do this ancient medicine. Why? Because it has worked so well.


The difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is very simple: Western medicine is very good at treating trauma but not very good at treating chronic diseases; Chinese medicine is the opposite, it’s not very good at treating trauma but is very good at treating chronic diseases.


When the client walks through the door at City Acupuncture,  the first thing we do is take a look at their pulse. The pulse will reveal a great deal of their health, and then we will take a look at all the different complaints the patient might have. Many patients have pain, so for pain we use acupuncture, it is very good in terms of getting rid of acute or chronic pain. For systemic diseases we use Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine has proven itself over centuries to be an excellent method in treating systemic diseases like high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue and depression.


The purpose of Chinese medicine is not having the patients take the medicine or having acupuncture for the rest of their lives, it is to create a situation where the patient can stand on their own two feet.


I want the patient to walk away from the clinic feeling no longer tired, anxious, depressed, or grumpy and they sleep like a baby. They will feel their vitality as if they were 20 years old.



Do you suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, allergies, depression, anxiety and fatigue? Or are you seeking to lose weight, stop smoking, and live a healthier, more productive and energetic life?

We offer a safe, effective and drug free alternative.

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